The Incarnae

The greatest gods of Heaven and Earth are the Incarnae, the patrons of the Celestial Exalted. These seven gods were the first to empower mortal champions to throw down the creators of the world. Now in Heaven they rest or wait, seldom emerging from the Jade Pleasure Dome or sharing counsel with their lessers. Some say they are still weary from the effort of creating their Chosen; some say they hide themselves from worldly affairs because they fear the power the Exalted wield. They deign not to address such gossip.

The Unconquered Sun

Highest of the gods, the Unconquered Sun once walked the borders of Creation, guarding it against threats from beyond. He was unbending and invincible, but could not raise a hand against his creators, who indulged themselves in every manner of amusement with the world they’d set him to protect. It was he who declared the gods would give men favor and make them champions against his enemies, and it was he who chose the greatest mortals as champions of his own.

It is known in Heaven that some great blasphemy by the Exalted of the First Age made him wroth, and so he turned his face from the world. Now he turns it back.


Luna tempers the Unconquered Sun’s light and gives the world succor from his unbending righteousness. She is a huntress, seductress, liar, monster, saint and devil—all these things inside one skin or a thousand skins.

Luna is the most active Incarna—she still attends the Exaltation of each of her Chosen, and far-flung tribes recount tales of her hunts and dalliances among the mortal world. But her greatest love was and remains Gaia—it was Luna who gave succor to the Emerald Mother and turned her to the side of the gods when Gaia grew tired of her siblings’ misconduct.

The Five Maidens

Mercury, the Maiden of Journeys; Venus, the Maiden of Serenity; Mars, the Maiden of Battles, Jupiter, the Maiden of Secrets; and Saturn, the Maiden of Endings: These are the Five Maidens, the Ladies of Fate, most inscrutable of the Incarnae. They say little and speak in enigmas; what they love most is inevitability. Mercury loves the explorer venturing into the unknown; she loves the refugee fleeing atrocity. Mars loves the loyal soldier and the rebel; she loves the warrior gloriously triumphant and the warrior cut down.

They seem to walk a lonely road, the Maidens, keeping the world ever balanced on the path of what must be. Even their Chosen regard them with unease—whether Sidereal ventures fail or succeed, always the Maidens say it was fated to be so. Though they head the Bureau of Destiny in Heaven, they delegate many of their duties to subordinates and the Sidereal Exalted, and appear only when needed. When one of the Five Maidens is absent from the Jade Pleasure Dome, Heaven holds its breath.

The Incarnae

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