The All-Seeing

The All-Seeing is an ancient god that has dwelt on the island of Porto Spice since time immemorial. Once a mere Pattern Spider, an immortal construct guardian of the Loom of Fate, The All-Seeing in time grew ambitious, believing that he saw patterns and possibilities emerging from the Loom that the Five Maidens could not. Plucking at threads and subtly altering destinies, he sought to reshape time itself into a more perfect form, growing stronger and more independent with each change he made.

In time, the Maidens and myriad Heavenly servants became aware of his transgressions and cast The All-Seeing down from Heaven, stripping his True Name from the Loom. Broken and terrified, he came to rest on a remote Western island and was quickly found by the Solars living there. Seeing in them potential allies against a vengeful Heaven, The All-Seeing struck a deal: he would offer his divine insight into the patterns of destiny in exchange for their protection. For a time, the arrangement worked beautifully, but according to him, the Solars eventually began to go mad, growing paranoid and violent.

They betrayed The All-Seeing, using Solar Circle Sorceries to bind him to his physical form, breaking him limb from limb, and scattering his body across their lsland. Worst of all, they tore out his immortal Essence and used it to empower their Infinity Forge, where it was fused with the soul of their Artifact and lost to him forevermore. Determined, he fought to survive for centuries, slowly drawing a trickle of power from the Forge to a remote jungle valley where his head had landed.

In time, he was able to communicate with the fearful mortals that had settled there, training them to trust his prophecies by leading them to fertile hunting grounds and clean sources of water. They built a temple in his honor, and in time, their worship made him strong enough to begin seeking out a more permanent means of survival.

He trained villagers there, in the town that would eventually become Suerte Divina, to become Travelers—roving technological magpies. Guided by his visions, they would scour the island in search of magical items and minor artifacts, every so often finding a piece of his body. Within the village, he trained a series of Armorers, who could operate the minor Forge he had established to repair these items. His most loyal priests became the Destined Sorcerers, taught minor magic to aid him in rebuilding his shattered body.

For centuries, they labored in secret, the village protected by a magical fog bank that would trap outsiders in its swirling mists for eternity. The All-Seeing guided every aspect of the village from the jobs its inhabitants would secure to who would bring new children into the world to replace those who died of old age or injury. For their part, the villagers were happy with this arrangement, as The All-Seeing worked to guide each to his or her “most perfect destiny.”

Recently, The All-Seeing was forced to trust Solars once more, as the last two components he needed to complete his full resurrection—his last arm, the Right Hand of Destiny, and a god’s immortal Essence—were held by beings too powerful for his villagers to face. Darius Apollos, Sagacious Phoenix, Seong-Hyeon, Sid Ses, and Violet Moonlight were lead to his village by one of his Destined Sorcerers, Jeryn, and agreed to help him recover these items in exchange for his swearing an Unbreakable Vow to aid them so long as he did not see them become a danger to him as their ancient forebears had been.

They battled the maddened brigand Thistle the Wary to recover the Right Hand of Destiny and then agreed to steal the heart of the island’s god, Netwayj DifĂ©, the spirit of the massive volcano in the northwest, lest he reawaken and bathe the island in a fiery eruption, as he had done every few centuries since the beginning of Time. They fought his loyal priest, Pasayans, broke him of his faith, and gained entrance to the volcano’s molten core, where they stole the god’s heart and returned it to The All-Seeing.

Now empowered with the fullness of a god’s Essence and the restoration of his perfect starmetal body, The All-Seeing will serve as the island’s new god, guiding the destinies of thousands of immortals and the handful of Solars and Lunars living there to protect them from harm. He is ready to forge a brighter future for all.

The All-Seeing

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