Suerte Divina

A once-hidden village that was cloaked by enshrouding mists for centuries, Suerte Divina grew up around the enchanted Offshoot Forge and the disembodied head of The All-Seeing, a minor god of destinies who was forcibly “dismantled” by the ancient Solars on Porto Spice centuries ago. By communicating with islanders settled nearby, The All-Seeing was able to gain their trust, guiding them to rich hunting grounds and clean water supplies. By leveraging his minor power of vision and fate, he helped the mortals who would listen to him achieve greater things in life, eventually earning their worship.

What began as little more than a few huts and a minor temple eventually grew to a thriving village of 200 souls, cloaked in a powerful protective spell that extended all around and even above and below. Their worship empowered The All-Seeing, and thus he grew greater. In time, he would send out search parties of so-called Travelers who would scour the island in search of enchanted items and technological artifacts of the First Age. He showed them how to rework these minor miracles to help the village grow and succeed, and every so often, the Travelers would find another piece of his broken body, making him closer to whole.

In the intervening centuries, a wondrous array of magical and technological wonders were repurposed by the inhabitants of Suerte Divina, making it far and away the most advanced, prosperous village on Porto Spice. Nonetheless, its inhabitants lead carefully guided lives, each following the precise plan set forth by their god to ensure the greatest, brightest destiny for each villager.

In Suerte Divina, everyone’s role is predefined and preordained. From birth, each person’s life is carefully plotted out, and with centuries of evidence regarding the efficacy of this approach, the villagers accept that gladly. However, recent events have lead to The All-Seeing becoming the god of the entire island, and not just their village, clearing away their protective fog (and the dark spirits that stalked within, including, apparently the vengeful sorcerer known as Mistwalker).

The people of Suerte Divina are slowly learning how to incorporate their previously perfectly defined lives into the chaotic randomness of the outside world, some with fear, but many with great hope, trusting fully in their god’s continuing plan.

Suerte Divina

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