Porto Spice

Porto Spice is a large island located in the Southern part of the Neck, as well as some of its attendant smaller islands. The name itself is a bastardized hybrid that derives from the various groups that have conquered it and called it home over the millenia. The newest trend among the rich that want to seem more Realm-cultured is to call it “The Isle of Spice.” This is sometimes disparagingly changed to “The Isle of Spies.”

In the North-West part of the island stands a massive volcano surrounded by jungle. Large cats and tyrant lizards prowl through these regions. Those inhabitants who refused to join the Shogunate of the second age eke out their living here, hunting among the living mists and ruins. exploring ancient sorceries and studying philosophy.

On the other side of the island, to the South-East, is the port city of Far Harbor, a financial, manufacturing, and cultural center for the region. Rich fields of spices and agriculture surround this ancient city. Cobblestone streets crisscross through wrought-iron fences. At the far end of the city, looking out over the harbor, stands the fortified Red Manse, where the powerful Jurrican clan has ostensibly ruled from for centuries. Tragically, a series of assassinations have rocked the city, as almost all members of the Jurricans were murdered.

During Calibration, Solars discovered Exploding Infinities, a Solar-aspected manse lost since the First Age, on the North-Eastern cliff-face.

Porto Spice

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