Obiya is the God of Island Hospitality, currently residing in his House of Perfect Restfulness. A large, ebony-skinned spirit with a wide, bright-flashing grin and robes of the finest silks, Obiya seems to appear with uncanny timing whenever a guest within his famous House needs anything at all. His priests, the Holy Order of L’Hospitaliers, bear similar robes, recently made somewhat more appropriate to the island’s climate by Katwe.

To be thankful and well rested within his domain is the sole prayer Obiya seeks, and so he and his attendant spirit court devote their every action to ensuring that their guests are as happy and comfortable as possible. In particular, Obiya relies on a trio of spirits (the God of Clean Rooms, the God of Soothing Baths, and the God of Hot Meals) to lead the House’s myriad other minor spirits toward this absolute goal.

In-person, Obiya presents himself as a joyous, mirthful creature without care or concern, but in truth, he is wise, calculating, and deeply dedicated to his holy work, maintaining potent magics within the House to always know exactly what each of his guests needs to be happy and satisfied.

As such, Obiya feels a genuine debt of gratitude toward the Solars who came to Porto Spice recently, particularly those who helped solve a dire mystery occurring within the house, wherein a dark raksha, the Baku, was frightening sleeping guests to death in order to feast on their nightmares. Darius Apollos, Ember Rose, Katwe Kikorongo, Seong-Hyeon, Sid Ses, or any friend of theirs is always welcome in his House.

In time, he hopes that enterprises like the House and other Inns he has invested the money mortals try to pay him, not understanding the concept of gratefulness-as-prayer, will establish a Creation-spanning reputation for hospitality and friendliness about the Western islands, enabling Obiya’s domain to spread ever further.


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