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The world needs heroes. It always has, and it always will. Sometimes mortal heroes rise from the ranks of humanity, beating back the petty evils of selfishness and greed. But sometimes mortal heroes are not enough. That’s when the Exalted rise.

Corsair Stir-Fry is an anime/wuxia inspired post-apocalypse on the high seas set in the Exalted setting of The West. Players will engage in piracy, uncovering ancient secrets, revealing dark plots, and building societies.

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Islands lie strewn like fallen leaves across the autumnal oceans of the West. Here, amid the remnants of ancient glory, a hundred maritime societies have developed largely untouched since the Contagion. From the civilized city-states of the great island-chain to weird isles overlooking the infinite mystery of the Pole of Water, these scattered realms are ripe fruits on the vine. As the strongest among them marshal fleets to harvest the resources of their weaker peers, they themselves remain prizes to be plucked by the rest of the world’s powers in a new age of exploration and exploitation.

No other Direction is so isolated. Cut off by thousands of miles of open ocean, the West is a world unto itself. Until recently, even the Realm and the Guild have had only the most tenuous contact with its wealth and mysteries. But despite the distances involved, its allure resonates throughout the known world, for the West is renowned as a source for glamorous and exquisite treasures.


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