Jungle Locations

Several important locations have been discovered in the jungle so far:


A “hidden gem” in the jungles near Far Harbor, not far from some of the more untamed Spice Fields, Jaiphal has been guided by its chief, Jye Gwo, to become something of a “tourist” destination over the last five years or so, particularly on the back of its infamously hot curries and their supposed medicinal properties.

Some Solars managed to eat some genuine twa jye, the three-eye stew. A curry so hot it blew their mind, sending them on a spirit journey.

House of Perfect Restfulness

An inn deep in the jungle that seems to summon lost travelers looking for safety. It looks one part hotel, one part temple. The owner of this inn is Obiya, a mirthful god of island hospitality that wants this place to be the premier pleasure destination. His right hand “man” is an animate broom who can’t ever finish defeating the “dusties.” Guests can find additional joy from the Spirit of Hot Meals, and the Spirit of Soothing Baths. Lesser spirits of minor comforts and mortal cultist bellkeeps are also in attendance.

Black Wave Bay

On the far Western tip of the the island is a hidden bay cloaked in Wyld contamination. It is home to the infamous Black Wave Reavers, Lunar Exalted who menace the Western seas in service of the Silver Pact. One of the three captiains, Enemy Ghost, happened to be in when the Solars arrived. After terse discussions, they managed to convince him, that they weren’t insane and going to destroy all of the good that the Reavers were hoping to achieve. He sent Amanya of Crimson Fangs with the Solars in hopes of teaching her temperance.

Jungle Locations

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