House Rules


Craft is a little different than the other Abilities in Exalted. For each dot of craft that you gain, you must tie it to a field of expertise. Normally these are things like Blacksmithing or Tailoring or Cooking. A character could have 5 dots in Craft (Blacksmithing) and also have 3 dots in Craft (Tailoring). This makes craft a bit of an xp investment and in normal play it makes perfect sense. In this SOP, we are going to use very broad fields of expertise. If you choose Craft as an ability your character has you may choose from the following fields of expertise for those dots of craft to fall under:

  • Craft (Engineering) – This will encompass general Blacksmithing, Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, Tinkering, and Civil Engineering Projects (such as bridges, light houses, roads, etc.)
  • Craft (Organics) – This will encompass Carpentry, Tailoring, and Leatherworking.
  • Craft (Horticulture/Gastronomy) – This will encompass things like Farming, Irrigation, Cooking, Poisons, and Potions.
  • Craft (Artifact) – This is required when forging artifacts of any kind. It follows the rules for artifact crafting as stated in the book.
  • Craft (Geomancy) – This is required when constructing a Manse. It follows the rules for Manse construction as stated in the book.

We wanted to keep the fields of expertise as broad as possible so that someone who chooses craft can feel like they are making progress and contributing to the players and setting. We are open to other fields of expertise, so if you have a suggestion, please contact one of the GM’s and we’ll discuss it with you. If you feel like something should fall under the purview of one of the listed fields of expertise, contact one of the GM’s as well.

For Arete-Shifting Prana, you can shift Engineering, Organics, and Horticulture/Gastronomy with each other.

All other rules concerning the crafting system remain as written in the Exalted rule book.

House Rules

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