Far Harbor Locations

Far Harbor is a bustling city in Porto Spice and, so far, the central hub of the newly awakened Solars of the West.

Some of the locations discovered so far are:

Red Manse (City outskirts)

A multi-storied fortress at the edge of the city, this Water-aspected manse serves as the home of the Jurrican clan. Rising up from the ground are mighty red pillars lifting up an aqueduct high into the air. Water then flows through the pillars in razor thin sheets to create flowing walls that criss-cross and surround the red-stone battlements.

Ouregon University (Downtown)

A large, squat stone structure of varying height that seems to predate most nearby architecture, the University is at the heart of the city and is subdivided into many portioned-off sub-buildings connected by winding, windowless hallways. Some ancient enchantment keeps the interior mercifully cool and dry, a boon for the cache of books therein. It bustles with activity as students and scholars research the secrets of the First Age, plumb the depths of philosophy, and master the many fine arts. Magical spirals in the colors of island bird plumage wheel in the air while sorcerous lighting sparkles in the presence of the Exalts, some ancient prank of its Dragon Blooded progenitors, perhaps.

Notable People

Jurrican Veliv
the ancient chancellor of the university. A former corsair with a legendary history. If he doesn’t know something, he knows someone who knows something…assuming they haven’t died of old age already.
Guillaume Durand
an Ancient Histories professor armed with a First Age relic he’s relatively certain is a deadly weapon, covered in innumerable ivory switches, who contends that the study of the First Age will lead to a return to glory. After a chance meeting with the Solars, he discovered it was a First Age keytar.
Perrine Prudhomme
an adherent of the Turning Wheel philosophical school, who maintains that only the deeper examination of the moral self can lead to societal enlightenment, one person at a time.
Theodule Sarasse
a local musician of some repute, who is often extraordinarily drunk, of dubious membership in the college at all, who mostly seems to like arguing.

Market Street (Midtown)

Market Street winds through the heart of Far Harbor, pumping lifeblood from the docks to the downtown. It’s known for its shops, bars, and celebrations. Largely quiet during the day, Market Street comes alive at night, particularly during the city’s many festivals. Popular drinks include the hurricane cocktail, the resurrection cocktail, the firedust and the profanely named “huge-ass ales”

The Inn of a Thousand Graces (Midtown near the docks)

An increasingly famous inn and restaurant catering to true outsiders, renowned for its hospitality, food, drink, and also for the consistently colorful (but not too exciting) cast of island characters that parade through each day. Recently acquired a major new sponsor to pay for significant renovations, but prices have remained very low. In fact, the staff love to say, “Our greatest payment is your sincere thanks!”

The Pole of Water (Just off of Market Street near the docks, twenty feet above the bay)

A secret-not-secret gathering spot for pirates, corsairs, ne’er-do-wells, and others. This is a haven where grudges and hatreds are MOSTLY put aside in favor of drinking and peacocking. Entry is gained by invitation, and the only cover charge is reporting your name to the doorman.

A massive pegboard of slate planks, the Wall of Fame, hangs above the bar, each with a captain’s name and a bounty beside it. Anyone, for any reason, can pay the bartender to increase the bounty on anyone else. A higher amount means that the captain has pissed off enough people enough to matter, and thus commands more respect. To cash in a bounty, one must present the captain’s ensign to the bartender. The bounty will be verified, paid, and then the flag hung on the wall with the plank under it, a constant reminder that no one is untouchable. Captains who lose their ensign are forced to “walk the plank,” where they are grabbed by their crew and thrown into a back entrance into the bay below.

Notable People:

Precious Pearl
Bartender and, seemingly, the owner of the Pole of Water. Big eyes, big nose, and sun-tanned skin that she likes to show a lot of. Wisdom beyond her years lurks behind her eyes. Patrons of the Pole say she hasn’t aged a day in ten years, and advise you not to lie to her.
Rostro, the Odds Man
Old, gray-haired, with leathery skin and a gravel voice, he’s missing the pinky and ring finger on each hand. He’s always surrounded by a haze of smoke from a nearby hookah. Whatever’s in the hookah smells terrible, but he seems to like it. He takes the names of those who come, and makes sure the ledgers balance.
Jurrican Kira, The Wavedancer
A young corsair of some note, mainly for eschewing the lifestyle of her family for the life on the ocean. Still begrudgingly regarded by her family, she mainly preys upon other captains of lesser scruples. It is said that her former lover was a Solar, before he was snuffed out by the Wyld Hunt as Anathema.
Iago Brinetooth
Pirate, slaver, conman. He’s been around for a long time and has the scars to prove it. Most of the other regulars don’t particularly like him. At Kira’s request, the Solars managed to defeat his crew, rescue a newly taken slave of his, and steal his ensign.

Far Harbor Lighthouse (Jutting out of the bay beyond the docks)

When night falls, the lighthouse ignites. A blast of light erupts from the top most crown, visible for miles across the sea. Whether through sorcery or artifice, it is somehow designed so that Far Harbor itself is not smothered by the light, allowing its denizens to sleep peacefully.

Far Harbor Locations

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