Exploding Infinities

5-Dot Solar Manse
Hearthstone: The Stone of Good Tidings

Exploding Infinities, an abandoned Solar manse of the First Age, is nestled into the heart of Porto Spice’s northern mountain range, Móns Baryé, rising from a natural summit called “Pico Norte.” The manse’s pyramid structure perfectly follows the erosion-shaped lines of the mountain from which it emerges. Stairs and doors of worked stone and gleaming gems are hidden throughout its sloping, free-flowing design. A handful of these secret paths are static; those who discover the ancient ways can always find them again. Others appear or disappear according to inscrutable sorceries and enchantments, granting access only to those with sacred knowledge. In this fallen age, Exploding Infinities slumbers, overgrown with flowers and fruit-bearing vines, disguising its true nature in a chaotic rainbow of life that lasts all year.

Its unusual design would confound most modern geomancers who would scarcely understand its Solar-aspected energies. Said energies are well-hidden, as the island’s plant life finds the manse’s mystical sunlight channels and reflectors extremely nourishing, preventing excess power from escaping. Additionally, its First Age architects, tunneling deep into Pico Norte, tapped into a powerful leyline of burning energy of elemental fire buried beneath the island. This supplies power to the manse from the nearby volcano, Mon Difé. As an added benefit, the energy-channel allowed for controlled releases of volcanic gases and pressure, staving off eruption. These safety valves have degraded to uselessness over the millennia since their construction.

Plumes of multi-hued smoke belch forth from ancient, vine-choked grates and exhausts night and day, timed to earth-shaking rumbles that emerge from the deepest roots of the manse. Some islanders who have braved all this to explore the area report shimmering walls of colored light that burn or freeze, the whispers of angry spirits promising ill omens and terrible vengeance, and other frightful horrors, so for many centuries now, the area has largely been avoided.

Visible from the nearby coast are shards of obsidian dotting the manse’s side. These razor-like shapes are broken fragments of formerly towering statues, once depicting Exalts locked in ecstatic states of enlightenment and passion. Like living silhouettes, these sable effigies once gazed out from the cliff face across the ocean, a warning to all that this island was protected. Moreover, their construction focused the energies of fire, water, earth, and wind. Pilgrims from faraway lands would bring their own aspects of wood as offering, forming a sacred harmony. There, under the enormous ebony-glass shadows, the adherents could focus upon their internal enlightenment. Like so much from that glorious era, however, the statues and their pilgrims alike are all but gone today.

Infinity Forge

Sitting over a river of lava, the Infinity Forge channels several powerful forces of nature to create an unending loop of power. Using this wonder, an Exalt attuned to the manse, can submit an artifact to the Forge where it is perfectly preserved and protected in its whirlpool of power. At this point, any other person attuned to the manse can attune to the artifact and receive their own perfect copy of it.

Eternities Within

Within the manse, the Solars have found a unique work of the First Age, Eternities Within. One part magical technology, one part sorcerous working, the Solars found that they could enter some sort of illusory world using it. More important, though, murals on the wall suggest far greater powers. The scenes depicted seem to show Exalts speaking to others without words, and the ability to lift up mortals as living avatars of Solar power.


Besides the solars, a number of people call the manse home. These friends are known to help the solars as they go about their own lives as well.

The Triumvirate

Recently, 3 gods of Justice named the Triumvirate have taken residence in Exploding Infinities and regularly visit the surrounding areas. These gods sided with the Solars during the Ursurpation and were imprisoned until recently. In their physical form, each is easily 30 feet in size and made of white marble. Their eyes contain no pupil or iris, but instead golden glowing script is etched onto each eye, fragments of a prayer in Old Realm for impartial and fair judgement.

Righteous Hammer
He believes the Solars are the true custodians of creation and will do anything to help them attain this status once again. He is the biggest of the three with bulging chiseled muscles and a girthy frame. He wields a massive stone gavel in one hand and projects a shield of essence with his other hand. He is the one who carries out judgments from the Triumvirate.
Laws Unwritten
He looks old and wears a granite robe and sandals. He carries a massive book cradled in one arm that is always open showing blank pages. He records spoken vows here and can play them back at any time with a disembodied voice that seems to come from all around the listener. He is extremely literal and takes people at their word. Be careful of your word choice around this god. Sarcasm and turns of phrase are your downfall in his presence.
Truth of Heart
She sees through lies. When you look at her you see the idea of a mother who will always love you but knows the nature of your heart. It is impossible to lie to her. She has two sets of arms. One always outstretched and wanting to embrace you. The other acts as a balance scale. One hand holds her beating granite heart while the other is empty and outstretched waiting to weigh your worth. Her love is intense and can literally burn the unworthy.


Ser Vylle
A powerful erymanthus demon dressed in servant’s clothing that’s two sizes too small and a lopsided jester’s hat. He was knighted by the Solars of the First Age. His limited intellect is only matched by his loyalty to the Solars of the modern era. He’s eager to use his long, clawed limbs to help them in any way he can.


Amanya of Crimson Fangs
Amanya of Crimson Fangs is a tall, imposing Lunar of few years and less experience. Nonetheless, her savagery is already infamous among the Black Wave Reavers she currently serves. Indeed, so great is her propensity towards violence that the current leader of the Reavers on the island, Enemy Ghost, has sent her to live among the Solars in their Manse, Exploding Infinities, hoping that she might learn a little patience and rationality from them.
Least Useless
An exigent of the god Izomore. Her past, including her memories and her original name, were destroyed by Izomore when she entered his service in return for Izomore releasing her father from his prisons. Since the destruction of his base, she’s been free to start learning about the world again, firsthand, and has managed to shake some of the magically compelled need to obey that Izomore placed on her. She uses the manse as a homebase, when she’s not at the House of Perfect Restfulness.


Melanite Sharp
Sharp is a woman that vacillates between cool and clever action and panic. She survived the cleansing of the ship that took Kira, and the cleansing that killed most of her family. If she can win, she’s utterly confident, especially when it comes to money. She’s a master jeweler, accountant, and a shrewd businesswoman. She’s helped boost the finances of several solars. Although she lives in the manse, she operates her business out of Far Harbor, with her brother frequently at sea making business deals.
Ximena, the Armorer
A lifelong inhabitant of the blessed city of Suerte Divina, Ximena has mastered the use of the Lesser Forge there, which is a mystical imprint of the Infinity Forge in the Solar Manse. She’s even capable of repairing and working on artifacts. Down to earth and extremely devoted to her chosen profession, Ximena felt somewhat cast-off once she was no longer needed in her home city and moved into the Manse to continue perfecting her craft. Since the betrayal of the All-Seeing, she’s started visiting the House of Perfect Restfulness to get her head on straight.
Pasayans the Silent
Once the bound priest of Netwayj Dife, the previous god of Porto Spice and the enormous volcano that rests in its northwestern corner, Pasayans lost his faith, his master, and most of his limbs in a single tumultuous day. After being healed—more or less—by Grigori Iceclaw, he fell into the service of Bountiful Apex and was even granted the use of minor earth elementals to replace his incomplete lavastone legs.


Jurrican Veliv
His ghost is bound to a steering wheel from his old ship, and actively works to counsel his Solar friends. Although cheerful in demeanor, some unpleasant guilt can be read into the chains that bind him to the wheel of the ship he was unable to save in his previous life as a corsair.

Exploding Infinities

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