Locked outside Creation in an endless city of vitriol and brass, lit by a mad green sun and bordered by an infinite silver desert, the Yozis, the overthrown creators of the world, rage in inviolate imprisonment. Demons are their souls and children—creatures of love and terror, as beautiful as they are alien, enslaved eternally to oaths the Yozis swore.

Though Heaven resents the admission, demons, too, are counted among the rolls of divinity.

Demons are not always malevolent, but they’re most often indifferent to the well-being of men. Like gods, they desire worship, and like their progenitors they seek escape from Hell. Demons of the First Circle are simple and made for servitude; demons of the Second and Third Circles are mightier, and express the urges of the Yozis. These alien motives are far from human understanding—mortals treat with devils at their peril.

They most often enter the world through sorcerous machination—the oaths of the Yozis render demons vulnerable to enslavement. Demons build manses, manage estates, and serve as bodyguards, steeds, and concubines to the sorcerers among the Chosen.


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