Black Wave Bay

Black Wave Bay, with Mon Difé visible in the background

Founded by Lunars loyal to the Silver Pact calling themselves the Black Wave Reavers several years ago, Black Wave Bay has grown noticeably in the last few years since the Empress’ disappearance as the Reavers become more open in their opposition to the Realm’s western interests. Axura, a Lunar possessing the chief form of a hammerhead shark, is the ostensible leader of the colony, but in recent months, one of her lieutenants, Enemy Ghost, a quiet, deadly man raised by a savage panther god has been the town’s guiding hand as Axura and her fleet sail the open seas.

Recently, a group of Solars made contact with these Lunars and impressed them with their mixture of tactical savvy, philosophical restraint, and grim dedication to justice. Therefore, Enemy Ghost has established a tentative alliance with the Solars on the island and sent one of his youngest charges, a brash young woman named Amanya of Crimson Fangs, along with them back to their manse to temper her raging fury and to observe their activities.


Black Wave Bay

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