Ximena Contreras

Mortal blacksmith with uncanny talents


Ximena Contreras is a mortal blacksmith of surpassing skill and knowledge who once dwelt in the mysterious village of Suerte Divina, laboring over the Offshoot Forge there since she was a little girl.

She is now staying at the Manse to study the Infinity Forge proper and hone her craft further, trusting the empowered All-Seeing to keep her village safe. She has become fast friends with the various craftsmen the Solars recruited from the Isle of Artisans, who spend some of their time at the manse each week (when not living in their new, fabulous, digs).

She is willing (and, indeed, eager!) to work with Solars on her crafting adventures, though she prefers a principle of even exchange, trading her time and skill at the forge for the arcane knowledge that Exalts alone can share.

Once per Session, any player at the Manse may make a roll of (Intelligence + Crafts) to spend X hours working with Ximena and the artisans. The difficulty of this roll is equal to X, and should the player succeed, they will earn twice that many Silver Points to be used for Crafting rolls. Charms that affect Crafting cannot be used on this roll (apart from a Crafting Excellency).


Ximena was born in the village of Suerte Divina approximately 25 years ago and was Preordained to be the town’s next Armorer by The All-Seeing, the minor god of fate residing there. Though she is but a mortal blacksmith, Ximena possesses many uncanny and unusual talents. Having worked the Offshoot Forge in Suerte Divina since she was old enough to stand, she has perhaps the greatest skill at Crafting of any mortal on the island or, indeed, in the whole of the West. While still unable to compare to a Solar focused on the arts, she has nonetheless been an incredible asset to the village, repairing or repurposing the various technological wonders the Travelers there recovered.

Since The All-Seeing’s ascendance to full godhood and the clearing of the mystical fog surrounding Suerte Divina, Ximena has been spending more and more of her time at Exploding Infinities as it becomes clear that her village no longer has immediate need for an Armorer, as the Travelers no longer strike out in search of lost artifacts to scavenge. Feeling as though her destiny has become somewhat unmoored from the path she was sure she would walk her entire life, Ximena has thrown herself into her work at the forge, determined to become the greatest craftswoman in Creation.

Ximena Contreras

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