Pasayans the Silent

An elderly, broken ex-priest


Pasayans the Silent is a broken man in more ways than one. Beneath his sorrowful, drooping face, aged by 80 years’ hard service to Netwayj Difé, the previous god of Porto Spice, one finds a body shattered and remade. His left arm proper ends at the shoulder, while his torso ends at the waist. However, he is not a cripple in truth: his missing limbs have been replaced by flowing, interwoven basalt and obsidian that moves in a grim mockery of life.

Each step is a grinding, staccato affair, and his left hand’s fingers slide against each other with a faint susurration of friction, the obsidian nails gleaming in the hot island sun.

If these new limbs, granted as a final boon by the magma spirits that flowed over his broken body upon the volcano, pain him in any way, he does not show it. Indeed, Pasayans does not show any emotion at all, or, indeed, speak.

He merely sits in contemplative repose, legs crossed and arms coming together before him to form a diamond between outstretched hands and curved wrists, in the center of one of the myriad paths leading up to Exploding Infinities. His vigil here has continued for several weeks now.

It is possible he waits for some sign or signal from the Solars that broke him, body and soul, in the course of stealing the volcano god’s heart. but for now, whether he loathes them, fears them, or something more is a mystery.


Pasayans was selected at birth by his village at the base of Mon Difé to serve as the next Priest of the Mountain. Like a dozen or more of his predecessors, his life was one of training and dedication to Netwayj Difé, who the villagers propitiated to stave off his next eruption. They believed that by sending a lone priest up the mountain each generation to live in abject poverty, training day by day in fiery rituals of combat and service, they might win the god’s favor and prevent his explosive anger from arising once more.

Like each of the Priests of the Mountain that came before him, Pasayans was fated to take his own life, casting himself into the fiery pit of magma boiling hundreds of feet below the craggy rim of Mon Difé when he had achieved perfect union with his god. However, this great and final honor was robbed of him when a team of Solars came to his hut and fought him to a standstill, stealing the name of his god from his very lips with a terrible curse, so that they might steal Netwayj Difé’s eternal-burning heart for their new ally, The All-Seeing.

They brought him back to their manse, where he was healed to the best of Grigori Iceclaw‘s abilities, fusing the magma-born limbs to his body where the spirits had begun to fail under the Solars’ assault. They considered it the most merciful thing they could do, given the situation.

Once he was well enough to move on his own again, he left the Manse wordlessly and took up his silent vigil upon the mountain.

Pasayans the Silent

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