Enemy Ghost

Quiet, deadly man raised by a wild panther god


Enemy Ghost is an imposing grim man of few words and fewer niceties. The child of a panther god, he favors a form half-panther, half-man for the most part, his fur sleek and black and his body festooned with potent magical fetishes. He is often seen stalking through the fog-obscured streets of Black Wave Bay night and day, ensuring the Lunars under his command there work ever toward their purpose of stopping the Realm at any cost.


Raised by a savage panther god in the southwest, he helped defend his homeland from Realm merchants and settlers for decades, stalking through steaming jungles like a spirit, striking at caravans and parties with deadly silence, until at last the area was deemed unsalvageable by their number. Proud of his son’s work, the god was hardly surprised when Luna chose Enemy Ghost as one of her Exalts, and he bade him farewell.

Some years later, the Black Wave Reavers’ flagship crashed on the shores of that land, and Enemy Ghost, now leading a band of vicious warrior-priests, helped repair their vessel upon realizing they, like him, were the Chosen of Luna. Their leader, Axura, invited him to join their quest to stymie the realm across the entire West, and he could hardly refuse.

Enemy Ghost

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