Amanya of Crimson Fangs

Ferocious, temperamental young Lunar


Amanya of Crimson Fangs is a tall, imposing Lunar of few years and less experience. Nonetheless, her savagery is already infamous among the Black Wave Reavers she currently serves. Indeed, so great is her propensity towards violence that the current leader of the Reavers on the island, Enemy Ghost, has sent her to live among the Solars in their Manse, Exploding Infinities, hoping that she might learn a little patience and rationality from them. It’s hardly a secret that she is also there to observe their behavior in general, as Enemy Ghost is slow to trust, no matter how much his early interactions with Solars like Ember Rose, Katwe, Sid Ses, Darius, and Seong-Hyeon may have impressed him.

She is physically powerful and enjoys wrestling. Any Solar spending time at the Manse can take a moment to wrestle with Amanya of Crimson Fangs. Those who best her in a Contest of Strength (roll Strength + Melee/Brawl/Martial Arts) will be granted a minor boon: a Moonsilver Trinket.


Having grown up in the undercity of Wu Jian, Amanya quickly learned the art of self-sufficiency, developing a rough, violent exterior to shield herself from the horrors of the impoverished, disease-ridden, dangerous world she had to survive. One day, when a murderous thief threatened her life over a minor trinket, her rage burgeoned into something dark and terrible, and she fell upon the man with the ferocity of a beast. When she came to, his torn body lay before her, and her teeth were stained with his blood. That night, Luna came to Amanya to welcome her into the ranks of the Lunar Exalted to ensure she would always have the power she needed to defend herself from any threat.

Amanya of Crimson Fangs

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