Corsair Stir-Fry

Some Assembly Required

Sage dash around the Citadel, frantically packing scrolls, books, and rare reagents. Behind him, Sage’s fire elemental familiar caught the items tossed at it, quickly putting them on an over-sized backpack it drug behind it, all the while rolling its eyes at the frantic behavior of its master.

From the massive orichalcum perch in the middle of the room, the regal Garda Bird feigned disinterest, but carefully watched Sage’s every move. It called out to Sage, burning the thought into his mind

Off to play again are we? Seems you never spend time at home. Another hatchling leaves the nest.

It sighed, a heady smoke of incense and campfires filling the space. Sage paused for a moment, trying to remain reverent in his rushing. “Porto Spice needs me, my brethren need me. Our enemies are nearly at our shores and the manse is nearly repaired, but we can’t figure out the last pieces. There are clearly defenses tied to it, and I know the harbor lighthouse has something to do with it….”

The creature’s feathers ruffled, the irritation rolling off it with the heat and cinders

Yet another lighthouse wins you eye? Does the wonder of the Citadel no longer enough to hold you interests?

Sage sighs. “We’ve talked about this. The lighthouse in the harbor is related… er a lesser sibling to the Citadel, certainly, but related. We found the maker’s mark and they are the same. So no, you and your wonderful home are not replaced. I’m simply admiring its… offspring?”

This seems to satisfy the creature.

Oh that lighthouse. Yes yes, a bauble that its creator would prattle on without end. He left a diary or coloring book or something about it around here somewhere.

With that, the creature went back to preening and feigned disinterest. Sage froze in place. “Wait, there is a codex to the island? Here? C…c…can I have it?”

It was truly much easier before you went away and forgot as much as you did. So much repeating. Fine, yes, I will gift it to you, an ember of my benevolence.

A slightly smoldering book floated down from among the prized possessions of the creature. Sage nearly trips over himself rushing to pick it up, while the familiar behind him just shakes its head. Sage flips it open and finds large sections of it scorched and burned. “It’s… damaged!” he screeched in horror.

The room’s temperature roared to that of a furnace.

You insult my gift!?!

Sage instinctively closed the book and slipped it inside his coat. “, of course not! It is a blessing for sure! Thank you!”

Later, while sitting at the Ouregon University library and studying the book, Sage chuckled to himself. The prideful bird had burned away sections that likely spoke to the beautiful nature of the island’s design. Collateral damage from the creature’s prideful revisions were hurtful to Sage’s very nature, but much still remained. He worked late into the night translating and cross-referencing the work.


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