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Post from the STs Setting the Stage for Session 6

Unforeseen Returns and Unearthed Resources

In the months since the Solars came to Porto Spice, they have accomplished many strange and wondrous feats. Despite their extraordinary efforts, a great many tragedies have also come to pass as well, leaving the island’s denizens little time to appreciate the resurgent might of the Lawgivers.

Perhaps most strange and wondrous of all, however, is the seeming resurrection of Jurrican Kira, the Wavedancer. Ensorceled by the strange magic of Glorious Resplendent Tyranny Overthrowing Golden Gods and having been forgotten by all but a handful of Solars mere weeks ago, Kira is now the sole surviving member of the once grand Jurrican family (though at least two spirits of her kin, Veliv and Scyawn, are said to stalk the island yet). Her memories, destiny, and body rejoined by the heroic efforts of the Solars, she stands ready to fight once more to defend her homeland.

And fight she must, for the greatest of those many tragedies, a titanic and terrible creature that once slumbered in some sorcerous prison ‘neath the waves now stalks the vast Western seas, decimating island after island and leaving nothing but a trail of dissolving, rotted bodies and wood in its unfathomable wake. Moreover, rumor has reached the island of not one, but two great fleets driving toward Porto Spice in great haste, one from the East, and one from the North. Neither flies a flag of peace. Moreover, the Solars have been betrayed by their once ally, The All Seeing, a nascent god of destiny, who came to see them as a threat, murdered Eager Pearl, and fled the island for places unknown.

The Solars are not without advantages in the battle to come. Some of their number have unearthed the lost hearthstone to their Manse, Exploding Infinities. Others have neared completion on great works like the animate colossus carved in Veliv’s likeness and begun work on others, like the repair of the glorious ancient skyship Garuda’s Grace. Allies have been found all across the West, from the secretive, bestial Lunars of Black Wave Bay to the laid-back masters of sea and surf, the Riptide.

The ancient Solars who once ruled over Porto Spice had a plan to deal with the monstrosity they had sealed away. Those who dwell there now know that it involves the three-stage Final Beam weapon and the telepathy-enabling Eternities Within device, and all are now scrabbling to learn whatever they can and prepare for the war to come.

Perhaps it will be enough. Or perhaps these Solars will fall like their forebears, a bright but brief footnote in the history of the mysterious island of Porto Spice.


Eager Pearl was MURDERED?!


Strictly speaking, Eager Pearl was found with her heart ripped out, splayed out over the consoles, with The All Seeing nowhere to be seen. The players have made their immediate assumptions however, and in fairness, it’s pretty hard to rip your own heart out. . .


Checked with Adam for details. Sage’s watcher Air Elemental witnessed the All-Seeing fleeing the manse and Wellspring deduced that the All-Seeing could have cut Eager Pearl’s destiny short to power a spirit charm (Hurry Home).

Medicine and Investigation people should check the body and murder scene. Us Lore and Occult types can answer questions about what they find.

For the rest of us, if you have Spirit Detecting Glance, it’s worth keeping it up. We have several spirits wandering around now who are on our bad side.

barrelv ArmandoPenblade

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