Corsair Stir-Fry

Post from the STs setting the stage for session 2

As Calibration ends, the normal celebrations are muted or missing. Instead, mournful bells are ringing, and the smell of funerial incense wafts through the sea breeze. Almost every member of the Jurrican clan was assassinated.

Scyawn, the black sheep of the Jurrican clan, has conveniently returned. He’s talking big about finding the culprits responsible and establishing Porto Spice as a rival to Wavecrest. Orators are in the town square proclaiming his speeches. Messengers are being sent out across the other nearby isles where the family hold influence, spreading his propaganda.

Scyawn was already an accomplished sorcerer before he left for the Dragons know where. How much he’s grown, and what allies he’s made are hard to discern. Secretly, Jurrican Veliv and Kira are making plans for how to avenge their family and save their home.


barrelv JustinCase

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