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Notes from Home

Sid + Maric - 8/1 - 8/10

Aug 1 2017,

I hope things are going well in the South. I’m still not sure what you seek to accomplish down there and why your sudden interest / change in behavior. I’ve been able to spot some opportunities in your business interests that may have been overlooked previously. With the Grantle group leaving town due to some run-ins with the police we’ve been able to expand our influence. I’ve enclosed a portion of the profit that your previous and now additional 5 ‘employees’ have managed to obtain. There’s more waiting for you in accounts here.
Your trusted brother,

Aug 10 2017,
I’m glad to here things are doing well there however I’m a bit alarmed that Grantle ran into such troubles. His family and mine go way back in our mutual cooperation. How did the police bring him down? I thought both he and I had well placed informants there to alert us / dissuade them / spoil evidence in the odd case things didn’t turn out in our favor.
Thanks for the money – I’m glad to see business has expanded and things are going well. The amount you provided seems rather large – especially considering that you said more was waiting for me. Even with Grantle’s area gone, where is the additional money coming from? What were these missed opportunities?


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Notes from Home
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