Corsair Stir-Fry

Life in Porto Spice


Higalik mourned the remains of his canoe. Miles and miles of travel across the sea, paddling from isle to isle, only to lose those memories to a weasely pirate and wyld-touched waters.

Teeth marks left splintered gashes in the small craft, and the painted hide that lined the hull was left in tatters. It was possibly the only reminder of home that he had intact from his journey from the frozen north. A single peice of it’s nose rested upon his bed, with a fragment of a mast lashed to it. They were tokens of a hard-won victory and of mysterious loss.

Attacks from pirates, ripping up masts, a majestic thunder bird, leaping into deadly waters that rend flesh to pull friends and allies from its grasp, defeating a Fair One with fetid flesh, and seemingly loosing Kira Jurrican from reality itself: These are the few things that have highlighted Higalik’s life since his arrival to Porto Spice. All crammed in the space of a week. It was a bit much for him to take in all at once, but he finally understood; This is what Brother Sun wanted! Higalik and others like himself were brought here, guided by the Sun himself to resolve some mysterious threat; There could be no other explaination!

This thought drew out a long sigh from the large man. He had believed the signs were leading him and his people to salvation, to a new home that was free from the insideous reach of the wyld. However, it seemed only to lead to conflict and danger. Would his people be any safer here, on this “Isle of Spies”? Perhaps not, he would think, but it is his duty to protect them. Atleast Lusa would meet others like her, those blessed by Sister Moon.

Floorboards creaked under his weight as he stood up from his bed in the small inn room. It would be of no use to wallow. There was dock work to do, cooking to learn, preparations to make for his people, and a particular Lunar he needed to encourage to be a strength training partner. Not many could give Higalik such a challenge, and it was one he truely enjoyed. Maybe they could tussle with one of those giant lizards he’s heard so much about…


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