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Journal of Ember Rose

Seatongue as a Second Language Exercise 1

I have nothing to do but wait in the Manse, so I am try to improve my Seatongue by reading and writing. Seong-Hyeon helps me. I do not think she likes me but she wants to help because I had no education as a child, it was unjust. I hate sitting here while nothing happens, though so many all over Creation are oppressed and suffering. I can tell that Katwe Kikorongo feels the same way, but at least she has her crafts and her art, making wonderful things that will be useful to us in the revolution. All I can do is sit and try to read. Even Brist is jujurralt, I do not know how to write it. “Bored,” Seong-Hyeon says. The strange thief, Sid, I never see him, and Darius the Fighter is happy as long as any woman will smile to him and pet his scorpion. That islander Velev who summonded us, he is in ecstatic that we are together with Lunars. But that is not in itself the point. So I wait, not patiently, hoping the Embers got my messages, hoping they come here soon. Counting the slow passing days until we can take action again.


That’s a really great post. I love it.

Journal of Ember Rose
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