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I intended to be back at the Citadel by this point, however it seems Fate had different plans for me…

Jurrican Agwe’s letter drew other Brothers and Sisters of the Sun and I am unaccustomed to the spectacle that amplifies as we gather. Grigori brought a sort of bear from the far North with him, clearly wyld-touched, that drew quite the crowd in the markets, and the sheer presence of the others disrupted studies at Ouregon University. While I do not seek to stifle my Brethren, we should strive to be less disruptive to those who have granted us such hospitality.

It is good to see others and know I’m not alone here in the West, but the events that followed left me shaken as much as excited.

The discovery of Exploding Infinities is like nothing I’ve seen. While the Citadel of Eventide is immense, it is a quiet place of reflection and study, nothing like the loud machinery contained within the manse spanning so much of the northeastern portion of Porto Spice. I suspect once fully restored I could staff the Citadel much the same as a Dynast compound, however Exploding Infinities would dwarf that. Hundreds of people could live there, perhaps more if we fully understood the nature of the pathways. The sheer space we’ll need to search is boggling.

My first goal is to work with the other Children of Twilight to catalog what’s within the manse. I suspect we’ll need to leverage elementals to assist us, as Hunter Wren’s attitude towards demons rule them right out. Given my experiences at the Heptagram, demons are better suited for the task, but the agitation from Wren would wipe away any positive gains.

Perhaps even before this, we have the gruesome matter with Agwe’s murder to address. The entire household, slain without signs of a fight. The details provided by Wren also suggest it was a single man, someone named Jurrican Scyawn. I’ve heard tales of Dragonblood masters of aspected martial arts, but nothing with this… efficiency. I can only assume their blood is on our our hands, their deaths directly related to Jurrican’s relationship with “the Anathema”. I’m again reminded how far the Realm’s lies can reach. Was this punishment for Jurrican’s betrayal to the Immaculate faith or a warning to us of what would happen to any who chose to ally with us?

Perhaps before returning to the excitement of our new discovery, we should prepare for the possibility of a Wyld Hunt. While full of discovery, the manse is also a clear reminder of the scale to which the Realm will go in their damnable mission to purge our Glory.

Sagacious Phoenix


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